As sheet metal processing is becoming more complex every day, the industry faces a growing shortage of skilled labor. Meanwhile, manufacturers who are investing in robot technology discover that it’s even more difficult to hire people with appropriate robot skills, let alone specialists who are able to correctly program a sheet metal bending robot. Manufacturers need smarter robot solutions to continue being successful.

Automatically create Press Brake and Robot programs by simply using 3D drawing as input

LVD’s Dyna-Cell is such a solution. This compact, robotised press brake comes with smart and intuitive CADMAN® software that in just a few steps can generate a collision-free robot bending program using the part’s 3D drawing as input. Operators can switch jobs in less than 20 minutes on Dyna-Cell, half of the time needed to create the program, the other half to set up the machine and bend the first part. The unique, universal gripper swiftly handles materials up to 350 x 500 mm to create parts without the need to change grippers. Dyna-Cell also uses LVD’s patented Easy-Form® adaptive bending technology for in-process angle monitoring and correction for top precision.

Dyna-Cell’s easy robotised bending get you from “Art to Part” in just 20 minutes

Discover how Dyna-Cell makes robotized bending easy and fast

Watch this webinar to see how the compact, robotized Dyna-Cell press brake can be programmed in just a few steps to create a whole batch of metal parts.