Warehouse automation system
Warehouse automation system

Warehouse Automation System (WAS)

Highly customisable storage and retrieval

WAS offers a fully automated system for raw and finished material storage and retrieval with a customisable number of tower storage units. WAS can be connected to multiple punch press machines and is the ideal solution for lights-out processing of high volumes.

  • Sheet sizes: 3070 x 1540 mm, 4090 x 2055 mm
  • Handles materials up to 4 mm in sheet sizes 3070 x 1540 mm and 3mm in sheet sizes 4090 x 2055 mm
  • For Strippit PX with Flexible Automation (FA-P)


Best-fit solution

WAS automation offers a custom number of towers with a minimum of four towers, in a single or double row configuration. The maximum capacity for input/output pallets is 3 or 5 tons. Stacking height is 90 mm. 

Continuous material flow

The loading and unloading device uses a peeling system to guarantee efficient transfer of raw materials and finished parts, sorting position, and smooth return to the warehouse with sorted/stacked parts from the FA-P pallet transfer. 

Pallet transfer unit

A pallet transfer unit positioned on a linear track behind or between the towers quickly and efficiently moves the pallets in and out of the towers. Laser measurement ensures pallets are correctly placed.

Touchscreen interface

The graphical Touch-A interface and warehouse management software are intuitive and simple to use. A WIFI connection is established with the pallet transfer unit.

Future retrofit 

This MOVit modular automation unit can be added as a retrofit.

Technical data


Extra I/O station on tower 

I/O stations or simple output stations can be added on available towers to create multiple material or part access points.  These can be used to provide material to stand-alone machines or to bring parts to a sorting area or to press brakes.