Phoenix FL

  • LVD Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine
  • LVD Phoenix features automatic shuttle bed
  • LVD Compact Tower automation system
  • LVD Phoenix fiber laser source
  • LVD Phoenix cuts a range of materials


The Phoenix fiber laser cutting machine is an all-around performer. It has the flexibility to expertly cut standard steels and non-ferrous materials in a range of thicknesses and combines high machine dynamics, intuitive machine operation, and advanced automation options to maximize productivity no matter the application. The inherent benefits of fiber laser technology make Phoenix cost effective to maintain and operate.

Key features

  • Processes ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including copper and brass
  • Processes different sheet thicknesses without manual intervention
  • Advanced cutting head handles thicker materials
  • “On the fly” cutting in light gauge material
  • Integrated Siemens CNC control and drive system offers high reliability
  • TOUCH-L touch screen graphical user interface control is intuitive and simple to use
  • Automatic shuttle table maximizes uptime

Performance-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-L programming software
  • Flexible automation (FA-L)
  • Compact material warehousing tower (CT-L)


  • Phoenix FL 3015
  • Phoenix FL 4020
  • Phoenix FL 6020


  • 4 or 6 kW laser source, 8 or 10 kW only on 4020 - 6020 
  • Maximum sheet size: up to 6000 x 2000 mm


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