•  LVD CADMAN-B processes all standard 3D CAD models
  •  LVD CADMAN-B automatically calculates optimal bend sequence
  •  LVD CADMAN-B is the benchmark for bend CAM software
  • LVD bending software offers automatic calculation of tool setup
  • LVD CADMAN-B bending software provides correct part unfolding


CADMAN-B sets the standard for bending CAM software. After importing a 3D CAD part, CADMAN-B automatically unfolds the part, expertly calculates press brake bend allowances, creates the 2D DXF file and determines the optimal bend sequence, tooling, tool and gauge positions – making it easy to program formed parts. A simulation environment visualizes the complete bend process with start to finish 3D collision detection, all gauge positions and tool set-ups.

Key features

  • Correct unfolding beyond other limited methods such as the DIN norm
  • Extended automatic batch processing ability - Solution Finding Service
  • Automatic calculation of optimal bend sequence, gauging positions, tool set-ups and preliminary programs
  • Automatic calculation of inclined, parallel and multi-bends, as well as hemming and preliminary bends
  • Processes all standard 3D CAD models (SAT, STEP, IGES, and others)
  • Seamlessly links to CADMAN-P or CADMAN-L for 2D part profiling
  • Fully integrated with LVD’s Touch-B controller
  • Part of the CADMAN Software Suite, communicates to the central CADMAN database


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