Dog Rocko at LVD Southeast Support Center

As a family business, LVD prides itself on having a friendly culture. Visit any one of our offices or Experience Centers worldwide to get a sense of this spirit.

At our Southeast Support Center, Charlotte, NC, “friendly” has taken on a new meaning with the recent adoption of Rocko, CED, Chief Executive Dog. While he’s not actually on the payroll and spends quite a bit of his time remote, Rocko has become part of the family. He’s warm and welcoming, easy going, follows the rules (usually), and knows when to lay low.

Rocko came to the SEC in late April. Senior Field Service Engineer, Jimmy Berry, answered a service call in York County, South Carolina, and befriended the dog who wandered into the lobby of the pet-friendly hotel Jimmy was staying at.

Dog Rocko helping with Tech Support

“I’m not sure who found whom,” says Jimmy. “Rocko ran around and passed everyone in the lobby, first floor hallways and bistro without stopping when he finally reached me – as if he was looking for me!”

After feeding the stray and searching the surrounding area posting Lost & Found flyers with Rocko in tow, Jimmy gave the dog shelter for the night. In the morning, Jimmy was due back to the Charlotte office to install a machine.

“I bonded with Rocko right away and didn’t have the heart to leave him behind,” adds Jimmy. “I decided he was meant to find me and that he was in my hands now, so he came with me to the Support Center.”

A "Forever" Home 

Southeast Service Manager, Stefaan Creytens, with the help of his daughter who works at a vet clinic in Charlotte, took additional steps to find the dog’s owner, using both traditional methods and social media. After some time and with little success, the question was, what to do next?

As a busy service tech who travels most of the time, Jimmy couldn’t provide a home for Rocko. The SEC team considered a local animal shelter, obligated to accept all dogs and cats surrendered to them, but the concern was shelter overpopulation. Meanwhile, Rocko needed medical attention and was quickly winning the hearts of the SEC staff.

That’s when Stefaan Creytens decided to adopt Rocko.

“In North Carolina, if you take care of a dog for 10 days, the dog is considered legally abandoned,” explains Stefaan. “Rocko is a great dog; he loves people and gets along with everyone at the office. He loves pizza parties and sleeping underneath my desk.”

Both admitted dog lovers, Stefaan and Jimmy are sharing expenses to deworm Rocko to get him back to healthy. Rocko is estimated to be three years old and is a mixed breed. DNA testing is planned to learn his full lineage.

When he’s not at the SEC, Rocko enjoys spending time on eight acres of wooded land, baths in a walk-in shower, and getting three squares a day.

“I didn’t purposely think about making a home for a stray dog,” says Stefaan. “I believe they come to you, and I’m glad Rocko came along. Since I’ve had him as a companion, the words ‘commitment’ and ‘unconditional’ have taken on a bigger meaning. Adopting Rocko was a good thing for sure.”

As for Jimmy, he looks forward to “field” trips with Rocko, when his “dad” will allow them.

We’re thrilled to call Rocko family!


NOTE: LVD North America (Strippit, Inc.) maintains adherence to state and federal regulations and in doing so is responsible for assuring the health and safety of all employees. In keeping with this objective, the company does not permit employees to bring their household pets to work.

Rocko Portrait

Rocko sporting his custom LVD collar

Rocko having lunch at the LVD Southeast Support Center

Enjoying some lunch with the group