Dyna-Cell with Easy-Form Laser and programming wizard

Dyna-Cell with Easy-Form Laser

The LVD Dyna-Cell robotic bending cell is now available with LVD’s Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending system and features a revolutionary, automatic wizard for fast and easy programming. These features advance Dyna-Cell’s capacity to efficiently automate the bending of small- to medium-sized parts in varying batch sizes at bending speeds up to 25 mm per second.

LVD’s 10-10 rule delivers on the promise of a fast “art to part” process with 10 minutes for CAM generation of the bending and robot program and 10 minutes for set-up and first part production.

Dyna-Cell is equipped with an intelligent programming wizard that is unique because CAM programming is handled completely offline with no need to physically teach the robot at the machine. This eliminates considerable set-up time and ensures fast Art to Part times even for small batches.

After importing the 3D-drawing, the software automatically generates the bending program and the robot’s movement, directing it from one bend to the next to form the part and then to offload or stack the part.

It provides easy programming of product families, such as multi flange, brackets and profiles, calculates a complete collision-free path including gripper positions and simulates the part bending with robot.

LVD’s exclusive Easy-Form® Laser adaptive bending system adds advanced process consistency to Dyna-Cell. EFL is an option on the Dyna-Press Pro 40-ton electric press brake that is at the heart of the Dyna-Cell. EFL ensures the first bend is accurate every time.

The system transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and immediately adjusts the position of the punch to achieve the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted and no production time is lost. Easy-Form Laser technology allows the machine to adapt to material variations, including sheet thickness, strain hardening and grain direction, automatically compensating for any changes.

Dyna-Cell is designed to work in either automated bending mode or as a stand-alone press brake when the application does not warrant automation. This makes Dyna-Cell versatile and economical for a wide scope of bending operations.

A patent-pending universal gripper handles a wide diversity of parts, eliminating the need for different-sized grippers and reducing part regripping and changeover time. LVD’s universal gripper accommodates part sizes from 35 mm x 100 mm up to 350 mm x 500 mm and manages parts as heavy as 3 kg.
Dyna-Cell is a compact bending cell with a footprint of only 5 m x 5 m.