Do you process XXL sheets measuring 10 m long and more with thicknesses up to 30 mm? Sheets of that size are extremely difficult to process and take a lot of space, both in storage and during the cutting process. Is there a better way  to process them in a smooth and efficient manner?

Simultaneous processing of XXL sheets

Enter Taurus, LVD’s aptly named large-format laser cutting machine with a 3-m wide closed gantry travelling over an easily-accessible table of 10 up to 42 meters in length. This configuration allows the operator to load or unload sheets or even clean the table on idle sections of the bed while the machine is busy processing a sheet next to it. Downtime is therefore kept to an absolute minimum. Additional options contribute to Taurus’ amazing efficiency and performance, including the automatic nozzle changer with a capacity to hold up to 30 nozzles for continued autonomous operation and the state-of-the-art bevel head which can be tilted to a maximum of 45° in all directions, a cost-effective way to prepare material for subsequent welding operations or to create geometrical shapes.

Discover how the Taurus laser cuts XXL sheets in a highly efficient manner

Watch this webinar to see how Taurus cuts and bevels large sheets at great speed and with high precision while an operator has access to other sections of the lengthy table for handling and cleaning activities.