Overcoming the challenges of XXL bending

The advent of new high-strength materials with tensile strengths up to 1,300 MPa and higher, small batch production, tight tolerances and falling skill levels in the workshop have added to the challenges of XXL bending.

But imagine if there was a solution that overcomes these challenges……

Synchro-Form: a unique solution to XXL bending with productivity gains of 50% or more.

The Synchro-Form press brake is next-generation adaptive bending technology that is changing XXL bending.

Synchro-Form makes it possible to bend large profiles with consistent accuracy, at high throughput and with minimal operator intervention. By using an in-process quality control system to measure the accumulated angle and compensate for angle deviation in the bends that follow, this advanced technology can improve productivity of large profile bending 50% or more, depending on the specific profile.

Synchro-Form eliminates:

  • Manual measurements and determining bend lines
  • Concern for material variations / springback
  • Progressive bending to avoid accumulated error
  • Multiple tooling setups and the need for costly CNC V-dies

Synchro-Form reduces the direct part cost by reducing manual operations, increases throughput by automating the bending process and ensuring part accuracy, and makes for a safer production environment.

Watch Synchro-Form handle a 25-bend profile.

See how 25 bends with precise radii and overall part dimensions are achieved automatically in a 3-metre-long profile in just 15 minutes – without operator intervention. Discover how easily Synchro-Form handles 25 bend sequences to create a full 360° circular component in 8 mm S355 steel plate.