Sr. Sturz, Diretor-gerente da KSF, não está somente convencido da robustez e confiabilidade das máquinas LVD, ele também aprecia a atmosfera pessoal e familiar na LVD!

KSF – ‘Kaufen Sie Freude’ – stands for ‘Buy Joy’ and that’s what our customers like about us. We manufacture grills and fryers in all sizes and types. KSF was founded in 1964. We’ve grown steadily from a small two-person business to a large or medium-sized company with 40 employees.

LVD machines are extremely robust, user-friendly and very reliable. 

The great thing about LVD is that our employees can go to LVD in Belgium to check out the machines, test them and discuss all the details with technicians on-site. What’s important to us is durability, serviceability and ease of maintenance. We talk to our customers and if they come to us and say: “Could you change this or that? That would make cleaning easier”, we implement it. With the new technology, especially with the laser, it’s very easy to adapt products. We just have to adjust a few drawings, then it’s programmed and the laser cuts out the sheet metal parts, which are then bent, sometimes with Easy-Form laser technology. It all fits and the customers are satisfied.

Knowing the people at LVD in person, the sales staff, the employees, is very important to us. Sometimes even friendships develop and that strengthens the relationship. I’m on a first name basis with many of the LVD employees that I work with and it’s also not a problem if we call after hours as my co-worker recently did because we needed a service appointment. It’s no problem at all. It doesn’t work that way with other companies. When you build such a relationship, it’s certain that the LVD employee will do everything to keep the partnership alive. They are happy to talk to me and discuss things. And it’s not always about problems. Sometimes we just let them know how great the machines are to work with, how well it’s going. And when I’m in Belgium at LVD to look at something new or because I’m invited, it’s fantastic to have the feeling that I’m welcome. I don’t experience that with any other company.

It's more than just being invited to see a machine. You get invited everywhere for lunch and spend time with the team and that’s really neat. LVD adds a personal touch and that’s what sets them apart.