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At LVD, customer service is about our relationship with the people who are an essential part of everything we do. We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we work to find a solution that best fits you.

Our customer service team is comprised of more than 180 skilled field service engineers in more than 45 countries. They have installed more than 40,000 machines and log over 5500 hours of training every year. Their goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support to keep your fabrication operation productive and profitable.

Customer support is organized locally in each sales and service area. Strategically located service centers in North America, Europe and Asia provide full service support. 


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Service - repair


Service - repair

If a machine repair is required, we’ll quickly get you back to top productivity. Your investment in a service contract assures you of the highest priority.

A service contract provides:

  • Priority response to minimize downtime
  • Priority access to our helpdesk
  • Discount on all spare parts
  • Next day availability for a majority of spare parts (even those for older machines)
  • Access to technical support updates
  • Machine audit

A service contract offers complete access to technical support and machine programming support through factory or on-site training. To give you the benefits that best suit your needs, a service contract can be individually tailored. Users with more than one machine receive a discount on additional service contracts. 

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