Extended Tool Magazine (ETM)

  • LVD Extended Tool Magazine (ETM)
  • LVD ETM Tool Loading
  • LVD Touch-P Control


The Extended Tool Magazine (ETM) for Strippit PX punch presses holds up to 40 additional tools and up to 400 tools with the use of indexable multitools. ETM adds tooling capacity, reduces tool changeover time, and increases the efficiency of punching operations. Tools can be loaded and unloaded while the machine is punching. For automated production, the ETM can be combined with a Flexible Automation system (FA-P) or a Compact Tower (CT-P) for loading/unloading, material storage and retrieval.

Key features

  • Holds up to 40 punch/die combinations, up to 400 tools using indexable multitools
  • Wheel configuration for easy tool access
  • ETM can be loaded and unloaded while the machine is operating
  • Tool life monitoring records the number of hits for each tool
  • Touch-P manages the tooling inventory; identifies the tools required and preloads them into the machine magazine
  • Touch-P touch screen control is intuitive and simple to use

Performance-enhancing options

  • Can be used together with Flexible Automation (FA-P), and Compact Tower (CT-P)


  • Available for PX punch presses


  • 40 tools
  • Servo axes: 3
  • Tool changeover time: 18 seconds
  • Rotation axes: vertical


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