• LVD ToolCell automated bending cell
  • LVD ToolCell features large capacity tooling stadium
  • LVD ToolCell precisely positions tools
  • LVD ToolCell automatically loads tooling
  • LVD ToolCell holds large selection of tools


The ToolCell makes any bending application easier and more productive using revolutionary bending automation technology that minimizes setups, is fast and highly reliable. An integrated automated tool changing system stores a library of top and bottom tooling. All tools are held within the machine and automatically changed as the job requires – significantly minimizing tool changeover time for better bending productivity. LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in-process angle real-time monitoring technology ensures the first part is a good part.

Key features

  • TOUCH-B touch screen graphical user interface control is intuitive and simple to use
  • All tools held within the footprint of the machine
  • Large library of tools: 2 complete lengths of self-seating top tooling (punches) and 5 complete lengths of bottom tooling (Vee dies)
  • Flexible tooling configuration
  • Automated tool loading and unloading
  • Equipped with Easy-Form Laser
  • Precise set-up for every job – No fine adjustment of tool stations for bending
  • Turbo hydraulics
  • Can be used as a manual machine

Productivity-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-B programming software
  • Second foot pedal
  • CNC sheet followers
  • Double security Lazer Safe for bending/lightguards for changing tools


  • ToolCell 135/30 (150 ton by 10 foot / 135 ton by 3060 mm)
  • ToolCell 220/30 (240 ton by 10 foot / 220 ton by 3060 mm)
  • ToolCell 220/40 (240 ton by 13 foot / 220 ton by 4080 mm)
  • Working speed up to 50"/min (21 mm/sec)
  • X axis speed up to 1400"/min (600 mm/sec) (travel: 51" [1300 mm])
  • Bend accuracy to +/- 0.3 degrees 


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