• LVD PPEC Press Brake
  • LVD PPEC Press Brake
  • LVD CADMAN-B Bending Software
  • LVD PPEC press brakes feature flexible tooling system


The PPEC is a versatile bending machine. A servo-controlled design uses leading-edge hydraulics and electronics to give you perfect control of the bending process. This productive system offers high functionality in a simple to use machine and delivers consistent accuracy, all for a reasonable investment. 

Key features

  • TOUCH-B touch screen graphical user interface control is intuitive and simple to use
  • 2D and 3D color graphics simulate part creation and display material handling sequencing 
  • High accuracy 2-axis (X, R) or 4-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • Automatic V-axis CNC crowning system (PPEC-5 and PPEC-7)
  • Energy Reduction System (ERS) with frequency-driven Stop-Start technology dramatically reduces energy consumption
  • Integrated LED status lighting

Performance-enhancing options

  • Frequency-driven turbo hydraulics 
  • Lazer Safe guarding system
  • Hydraulic ram and table clamping
  • US style, vertical W-style, LVD style (European style with adapter) or universal tooling style
  • CADMAN-B programming software


  • PPEC-4: 4-axis (55 tons by 78.4" [2 meter] up to 700 tons by 240" [6,1 meter])
  • PPEC-5: 5-axis (80 tons by 78.4" [2 meter] up to 640 tons by 240" [6,1 meter])
  • PPEC-6: 6-axis (50 tons by 78.4" [2 meter] and 80 tons by 98" [2,5 meter])
  • PPEC-7: 7-axis (80 tons by 78.4" [2 meter] up to 640 tons by 240" [6,1 meter])


  • Capacities from 50 tons to 640 tons 
  • Maximum bending length up to 6100 mm 


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