Custom PPEB-H

  • LVD PPEB-H press brakes in tandem
  • LVD PPEB-H custom press brakes for heavy bending
  • LVD PPEB-H tandem press brakes of similar tonnage
  • LVD PPEB-H tandem press brakes feature single CNC control


PPEB-H custom press brakes offer versatility for heavy-duty bending of L, XL and XXL plate parts. Combine two, three or four PPEB-H press brakes of similar or dissimilar tonnage in a synchronized configuration for maximum productivity and flexibility. When two press brakes are used in tandem, both machines are controlled using one CNC control. For added flexibility, each machine in the tandem can also be used independently. These custom-built machines uniquely meet your heavy-duty bending needs with a choice of configurable options and automation possibilities. 

Key features

  • Two press brakes of similar or dissimilar tonnage working as a synchronized tandem
  • Three or four brakes of similar tonnage working as a synchronized system
  • Synchronized operation of machines with single CNC control

Productivity-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-B programming software
  • Configurable options at point of order, including open height, stroke, throat, gap and many more
  • Tooling styles : Vertical W-style or LVD style
  • Specialized material handling solutions


  • Custom configurations from the Easy-Form and PPEB-H series - contact LVD for more details


  • Custom configuration - contact LVD