Success at FABTECH

LVD Strippit Electra fiber laser
Strippit E-1225 servo-electric punch press

Thank you for visiting us at FABTECH, as we put the focus on accelerating your business with Industry 4.0-ready laser cutting, bending, punching and software technology. Two new products took center stage at FABTECH:

New Strippit E-1225 servo-electric punch press - a highly energy-efficient machine that provides incredible forming accuracy and Strippit reliability.

Ultra-high-speed Electra FL 3015 fiber laser cutting machine with new 10 kW laser source – this built-from-the-ground-up laser machine can cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials as fast as the thermal process allows without dynamic compromise.

If you didn’t spend enough time with the new products we unveiled or missed seeing our ToolCell automatic tool changer press brake or Dyna-Press electric press brake in action, contact your area Sales Engineer to schedule a product demonstration.

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