LVD Strippit launches industry strength tablet, TOUCH-i4


Gullegem, Belgium – As Industry 4.0 becomes increasingly relevant to the sheet metalworking industry, LVD Strippit has responded with a technology that gives shop managers critical production information in real time.

TOUCH-i4 is an industrial strength Windows-based tablet that provides an overview of the entire fabrication workshop. TOUCH-i4 generates and presents live information needed to manage networked LVD laser, punching and bending machines.

The real-time TOUCH-i4 system collects information from your LVD Strippit machines and centralized CADMAN database to offer insight and flexibility to your daily operations. This information can be viewed and managed wirelessly on the shop floor with TOUCH-i4, allowing the user to make informed decisions based on lead-time, cost, technology and individual machine workload.  Detailed information includes KPI history  with full visibility and diagnosis of workshop performance including OEE analysis, future workload with overview and plan future workload by overall capacity, by technology and by individual machine and sort and validate, TOUCH-i4 can be used to help sort and validate parts allowing users to streamline production orders ready for the next operation.