Dynaxo Case Study

Dynaxo (Poland)

LYNX FL 3015

Dynaxo, Wronki, Poland, invested in a Lynx fiber laser to help it cut lead times and bring an innovative new product to market, a gas-fired ceramic hob. 

AGNP Case Study

AGNP (France)


The AGNP company, Nassandres, France, has increased its productivity, maintained high quality output, and entered into new markets by adding a Phoenix 6kW fiber laser. The Phoenix FL gives this sheet metal contractor the extreme versatility needed to handle a diverse workload.  

German-Malaysian Institute

German-Malaysian Institute (Malaysia)

Sirius Laser with FA-L, ToolCell, PPEC, Strippit Punch Press

The German-Malaysian Institute (GMI), Selangor, Malaysia, is a hub for advanced skills training. GMI offers high quality technical education, training and services in response to global industry demands. High-tech teaching tools, including a range of LVD metalworking machinery, helps GMI advance learning.

NBM Tech

NBM Tech (Italy)

ToolCell, Easy-Form Press Brakes, CADMAN-B

NBM Tech of Florence, Italy, is experiencing faster, more flexible and higher-quality bending enabling the company to meet new production challenges as a result of its investment in a ToolCell and three Easy-Form press brakes – all driven by integrated CADMAN-B software. 

Hofmann Blechbearbeitung uses LVD ToolCell and CADMAN

Hofmann Blechbearbeitung (Germany)

ToolCell, CADMAN Software

Hofmann Blechbearbeitung, Blaufelden, Germany, is a fourth-generation family-owned business that thrives because of its flexibility, which is due, in part, to two LVD ToolCell automated tool-changing press brakes powered by CADMAN software.

Mitaş Poles

Mitaş Poles (Turkey)

Custom Press Brakes

Mitaş Poles, Ankara, Turkey, fabricates a large range of steel poles featuring polygonal and round sections with efficiency using LVD custom press brakes: an LVD 2000T/12m tandem press brake and tridem press brake comprised of three 400/40 PPEB press brakes synchronized using a single LVD TOUCH-B control.


Andrénverken (Sweden)

Electra FL with CT-L, ToolCell, CADMAN-L

Andrénverken, a sheetmetal and pressworking subcontractor in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, stays competitive and wins business in a high-cost economy using LVD’s high-speed Electra fiber laser with Compact Tower automation, ToolCell automated tool-changing press brake and integrated CADMAN software.

Mid-West Metal Products employs LVD's CADMAN software suite

Mid-West Metal Products (U.S.)

CADMAN Software Suite

Mid-West Metal Products, U.S., integrates its punching, bending and laser cutting technologies through LVD's CADMAN® network. The integration of CADMAN-B programming software on a PPEC press brake has substantially reduced setup time.

Oreel uses LVD bending, laser cutting and software technology

Oreel (Netherlands)

PPEB-H press brake, Impuls laser

Oreel, Netherlands, manufactures for a variety of industries, from defense to foodstuff. The company invested in a 12-meter LVD Impuls laser cutting system and PPEB-H tandem press brake to keep its business cutting edge. 

Ideal Design uses an LVD Strippit PX-Series punch press

Ideal Design (India)

Strippit PX-Series punch presses, Orion Plus laser, PPEC press brakes

Ideal Design, India, manufactures point-of-sale display units for well-known brands. The company's new facility in Bangalore keeps productivity high with two LVD Strippit PX-Series punch presses, an Orion Plus laser with automation system and four PPEC press brakes. 

Victor Manufacturing

Victor Manufacturing Ltd. (UK)

Easy-Form press brakes

Victor Manufacturing Ltd., UK, is one of the UK’s top catering equipment manufacturers. Victor was recognized by the London Stock Exchange as one of the country’s fastest growing small-to-medium sized businesses, out of three million candidates. The company's growth can be attributed in part to its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including LVD's Easy-Form hydraulic press brakes.  

VMT employs LVD Easy-Form press brake and CADMAN-B software

Verschoor Metaal Techniek (Netherlands)

Easy-Form press brake, CADMAN software

Verschoor Metaal Techniek, or VMT, Netherlands, is a job shop with greater flexibility thanks to an LVD Easy-Form press brake, CADMAN-B and CADMAN-Job software. CADMAN-B software is game-changing technology for VMT - now the first part is a good part.