The next time you visit a pub, there’s a fair chance that LVD machines have played a role in keeping your lager cold or your cola fizzy.

Blackpool-based Booth Dispensers specialises in designing and manufacturing chilling and dispensing equipment for the hospitality trade. At the heart of its sheet metal fabricating facilities are an LVD Strippit PX 1225 punch press and two LVD PPED press brakes.

Tom Boardman, who played a key role in specifying the LVD equipment, explains that the configuration of the PX machine, with a single punch head system allowing 360-degree rotation of any tool and extensive forming capabilities, is an ideal fit for Booth Dispensers manufacturing requirements.

Looking ahead, Tom says that the company is now looking at LVD’s CADMAN-B software to bring the programming online and integrate the flow from design to finished part.  It is also looking at the possibility of adding an LVD laser.

In conclusion, Tom says:  “The partnership between Booth Dispensers and LVD has been going over 20 years and we have always had a good relationship with them. The machines are very reliable, but it is good to know that the support and backup is there when you need it. Our team has just been over to LVD’s headquarters in Belgium to look at CADMAN software and a laser, so we are continuing the partnership and investing for the future.”