Strippit E

  • LVD Strippit E Series servo-electric punch press
  • LVD Strippit E Series features large capacity turret
  • LVD Strippit E Series features energy-efficient electric drive
  • LVD Strippit E Series features Smart Clamp
  • LVD Strippit E Series offers consistently accurate forming


The Strippit E Series servo-electric punch press is energy efficient, economical to operate, and offers precise control over the ram for consistently accurate forming operations. The electric press drive system uses fewer mechanical components, keeping machine reliability and uptime high, and maintenance costs to a minimum. A 47-station turret features three 88,9 mm auto-indexable stations for tremendous tool-carrying capacity and flexibility.

Key features

  • Servo-electric press drive – average power requirement of 20 kVA
  • Large capacity 47-station thick turret
  • Three programmable 88,9 mm auto index stations
  • Indexable multi-tool capability offers more capacity
  • Quick-change die holders
  • Smart Clamp ensures the smallest possible no-punch zones
  • 25 mm feed clearance for more forming capacity
  • Efficiently handles thicker materials with 20 metric tons of punching force
  • Integrated Touch-P control is intuitive and simple to use

Performance-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-P programming software
  • ABS automatic tool lubrication
  • Automatic load/unload system
  • Compact Tower (CT-P)


  • E 1225 (20 ton - 1250 x 2500 mm)
  • E 1530 (20 ton - 1524 x 3048 mm)
  • Maximum material thickness: 6,35 mm
  • Maximum hit rate: up to 350 HPM on 25 mm centers
  • Marking stroke: up to 800 SPM


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