Impuls (40) 30

  • LVD Impuls 4030 Series laser cutting system
  • LVD Impuls allows multiple sheet processing
  • LVD Impuls 8030 laser cutting machine
  • LVD Impuls easy-to-use touch control


The Impuls 40 (30) Series of large capacity, heavy-duty CO2 laser cutting machines meet the challenge of L, XL and XXL format plate fabrication. They feature the largest sheet carrying capacity in the industry with a table width capacity of 3 meters, and can handle up to eight 3 x 1.5 meter sheets per table. Impuls systems have the increased capacity and rugged performance for heavy plate cutting.

Key features

  • Fully programmable Z-axis for processing pre-formed parts
  • Constant beam length system assures fast, consistent cutting over the entire working area
  • Capacitive height sensing for high quality cutting results
  • Integrated Fanuc CNC control and drive system ensures high reliability

Productivity-enhancing options

  • CADMAN-L programming software
  • Plasma detection feature


  • Impuls 4030
  • Impuls 6530
  • Impuls 8030
  • Impuls 12530
  • 4 kW or 6 kW laser source
  • Maximum sheet size: 12 x 3 meter 
  • Material thickness up to 25 mm mild steel, 15 mm aluminum and 20 mm stainless steel