• LVD CADMAN-L offline laser cutting software
  • LVD CADMAN-L common cut laser cutting
  • LVD CADMAN-L offline laser cutting software
  • LVD CADMAN-L imports unfolded flat part
  • LVD CADMAN-L manually or automatically nest parts
  • LVD CADMAN-L part costs screen


CADMAN-L software helps you realize the full potential of your CNC laser cutting machine. It provides fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual offline programming, including nesting, optimization of cutting and machine parameters. This CAM software provides the optimal technology parameters or gives you the flexibility to configure the type and value lead-in/lead-out for different contours depending on the material and thickness to be processed. A highly customizable GUI lets users of all skill levels get the best laser cutting results.

Key features

  • User-friendly customizable GUI ribbon
  • Part database with 3D automatic unfolding and interactive CAD functionality
  • Laser cutting technology database
  • Complete flexibility to manually or automatically nest laser parts
  • Larger inside contours can be cut into multiple scrap pieces for easier evacuation
  • Fully integrated with TOUCH-L controller
  • On screen simulation of cutting sequence and beam path indication
  • Sheet database with automatic creation and storage of remnants
  • Repositioning for LVD Impuls machines equipped with repositioning system
  • Part of the CADMAN Software Suite, communicates to the central CADMAN database

Performance-enhancing options

  • Minimum Heat feature minimizes heat build-up
  • On-the-Fly Piercing and Cutting allows high speed cutting of grids in thin materials
  • Collision avoidance ideally suited for On-the-Fly Piercing and Cutting



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