LVD laser cutting systems now feature an advanced laser resonator and control package

LVD laser cutting systems now feature an advanced laser resonator and control package

LVD has introduced a new Fanuc resonator and control package to select models of its CO2 laser cutting systems. The fully integrated Fanuc 31i-L CNC control and i-C Series resonator package reduces laser start up time as much as 50%, provides increased flexibility for part processing, is more energy efficient and allows increased time between maintenance intervals.

The integrated system combines state-of-the-art hardware technology and high laser beam quality to ensure optimum process reliability and superior cutting results in an energy-efficient design.

The CNC control coupled with LVD’s Touch-L 19” touch screen graphical user interface give the user dynamic control over the cutting process via a simple to use, intuitive display.

Laser processing time is optimized as resonator start up time is reduced as much as 50% over previous generation resonators. The Fanuc i-C laser source features the shortest warm-up cycle times possible.

The control’s enhanced pulse frequency range provides a better cut surface quality ensuring smooth, burr-free edges. Advanced control functions provide individual control of the laser power supply units for increased flexibility and greater uniformity in laser marking or etching applications.

The control automatically regulates the use of electricity with optimized Quick Power Saving Mode and Eco Power Saving Mode features to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Optimized laser gas flow and reduced thermal load to system mirrors increases the time between required maintenance for system components.

The i-C laser is offered in power ranges of 2.5, 4 or 6 kW.