LVD increases capacity to generate renewable power

LVD increases capacity to generate renewable power

LVD increases capacity to generate renewable power.

LVD, a leading Belgian manufacturer of sheet metalworking machine tools and offline software, has completed the second phase of solar panel installation for its Belgium-based production facilities as part of ongoing efforts to reduce the company’s energy costs and offset its carbon footprint.

Solar electrical cells have been installed on its production/assembly buildings as well as five other associated structures for an overall covered roof surface of approximately 32500 square meters

The solar panel installation equipped with solar cells which capture energy from sunlight will provide a total installed power base equivalent to that of approximately 350 domestic households. This will enable LVD to generate more than 30% of its yearly electricity from a renewable energy source, as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to decreasing LVD’s power consumption, the solar cell installation also feeds renewable source power back to Belgium’s national grid during weekends and holidays.“We consider it a priority to reduce dependency on carbon generated power, reduce our energy costs and act in an environmentally responsible manner by minimizing the environmental impact of our production facilities,” said Carl Dewulf, President and Managing Director of LVD Company nv. “The use of solar cells is a green initiative that supports and uses clean, renewable energy. In choosing it, we move closer to our goal of sustainable business practices.”

LVD has partnered with Belgium-based energy solutions provider Linea-Trovata and investment firm Sun Invest III to complete the project.