Laser Dynamics

LVD High-dynamic Fiber Lasers
LVD High-dynamic Fiber Lasers

The high dynamics of a fiber laser can only be harnessed in a machine designed for the job – like the ultra-high-speed Electra fiber laser, now available with 10 kW power source.

“The primary challenge associated with ultra-high-speed cutting is having a machine construction with the rigidity and stiffness capable of moving the gantry at high accelerations even while cutting,” says Kurt Van Collie, laser product manager, LVD. “To overcome this, we designed Electra fiber lasers with a welded steel monoframe construction that provides exceptional stiffness and weighs a massive 15 tons.”

The Electra can not only accelerate fast to move from one point to the next, but can (unlike most fiber lasers) maintain an acceleration of 2g or 20 m/sec² “during cutting” resulting in a shorter production time for the part without any loss of accuracy. Electra can cut a 50 mm circle with a tolerance of ± 0.017 mm.

“To achieve the full potential of high-dynamic acceleration, Electra fiber lasers also feature a lightweight yet rigid cast aluminum gantry controlled by specially tuned servo drives,” says Van Collie.  “Some fiber lasers may have comparable gantry speeds, but they cannot accelerate as quickly.”

Machine dynamics is only part of the fiber laser story. To learn more about the factors influencing fiber laser cutting, contact us.