Highlights: XXL Premier Bending Event

LVD XXL Bending Event
LVD Synchro-Form Press Brake
LVD Synchro-Form Bending Technology
LVD Large Profile Bending

Fabricators faced with the challenges of bending extra-large profiles four meters or more gathered at our LVD XP Center to learn about XXL bending trends and to see demonstrations of our unique Synchro-Form press brake in 640-ton and 1000-ton configurations. Award-winning Synchro-Form technology is designed to specifically address the needs of XXL bending and can improve productivity by 50% or more.

XXL solution

Adaptive bending is a modern manufacturing technique that provides real-time part angle sensing, real-time feedback and in-process adaption to ensure the accuracy of the formed part. The adaptive bending system integrated into Synchro-Form automatically compensates for variations in material property or springback, thickness, machine/tool geometry and positioning.

Synchro-Form manipulates and positions the workpiece during the bending cycle, correcting in process for any variations. The system uses a gauge/push device, sheet supports and magnetic grippers to automatically position and guide the workpiece. The accumulated angle is measured in process and any angle deviations are automatically compensated.

Do you bend XXL parts? Learn more about Synchro-Form technology.