Komatsu uses an LVD 1000-ton co-manufactured press brake

Komatsu (Indonesia)

Co-manufactured 1000-ton press brakes

Komatsu, Indonesia, invested in an LVD co-manufactured 1000-ton, 5.25-meter press brake to answer the need for affordable yet capable equipment for simple to complex heavy bending applications.

Ideal Design uses an LVD Strippit PX-Series punch press

Ideal Design (India)

Strippit PX-Series punch presses, Orion Plus laser, PPEC press brakes

Ideal Design, India, manufactures point-of-sale display units for well-known brands. The company's new facility in Bangalore keeps productivity high with two LVD Strippit PX-Series punch presses, an Orion Plus laser with automation system and four PPEC press brakes. 

Fienhage GmbH employs LVD punching and bending equipment

Fienhage GmbH (Germany)

Strippit V-Series punch press, PPEB, PPEC press brakes

Fienhage GmbH, Germany, expanded its capacity and market reach with investment in LVD punching and bending technology. The company, which produces husbandry systems for laying hens, chicks, breeding hens and broiler hens is also able to manufacture as a subcontractor, giving Fienhage more flexibility.

Intec MKD uses LVD laser cutting and bending technology

Intec MKD (Slovenia)

Sirius laser with Compact Tower, Easy-Form, PPEB press brakes

Intec MKD, Križe, Slovenia, fabricates metal components for the European electronics industry. Typical for this market are complex components with high tolerance requirements and often short life cycles. Intec uses LVD's Sirius laser cutting system with automation and LVD press brakes to stay at the top of its game.

Oreel uses LVD bending, laser cutting and software technology

Oreel (Netherlands)

PPEB-H press brake, Impuls laser

Oreel, Netherlands, manufactures for a variety of industries, from defense to foodstuff. The company invested in a 12-meter LVD Impuls laser cutting system and PPEB-H tandem press brake to keep its business cutting edge. 

Victor Manufacturing

Victor Manufacturing Ltd. (UK)

Easy-Form press brakes

Victor Manufacturing Ltd., UK, is one of the UK’s top catering equipment manufacturers. Victor was recognized by the London Stock Exchange as one of the country’s fastest growing small-to-medium sized businesses, out of three million candidates. The company's growth can be attributed in part to its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including LVD's Easy-Form hydraulic press brakes.  

Fondis SA uses LVD sheet metalworking technology

Fondis SA (France)

ToolCell, Orion laser

Fondis SA, Alsace, France, uses LVD's ToolCell automated tool-changing press brake coupled with an Orion laser cutting system to design and manufacture classic chimneys, contemporary fireplaces and wood stoves. 

Mid-West Metal Products employs LVD's CADMAN software suite

Mid-West Metal Products (U.S.)

CADMAN Software Suite

Mid-West Metal Products, U.S., integrates its punching, bending and laser cutting technologies through LVD's CADMAN® network. The integration of CADMAN-B programming software on a PPEC press brake has substantially reduced setup time.

VMT employs LVD Easy-Form press brake and CADMAN-B software

Verschoor Metaal Techniek (Netherlands)

Easy-Form press brake, CADMAN software

Verschoor Metaal Techniek, or VMT, Netherlands, is a job shop with greater flexibility thanks to an LVD Easy-Form press brake, CADMAN-B and CADMAN-Job software. CADMAN-B software is game-changing technology for VMT - now the first part is a good part.