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  Axel 4020 Series



  • Dynamic laser processing of thick and thin materials
  • In sheet sizes up to a full 4000 x 2000 mm (157" x 78")
  • Incorporates the latest in linear drive technology
  • Standard with integrated shuttle tables or optional automated load/unload system 
  • High pressure cutting head accepts a 5”, 7.5” or 10” cutting lens 
  • Laser Eye optical sensor referencing system provides automatic and non-contact sheet referencing 
  • Capacitive height sensing maintains a constant distance between the head and the material being processed and adjusts to any undulations in the plate 
  • NC focus control for rapid changeover times and optimised cutting 
  • Constant beam length system ensures consistent cutting over the entire cutting area 
  • NC Optimization maximizes machine productivity without operator intervention by automatically determining the cutting head motion based on travel distance 
  • Fast cut-to-cut workpiece changeover 
  • High reliability with low maintenance and operation costs 
  • Integrated LVD - Fanuc machine, control, laser source and motor drive package 
  • High performance linear models available with 2.5 or 4 kW resonators achieving cutting speeds up to 40 m/min (1575 IPM) for maximum output 
  • Available with an automated load/unload system and can be retrofitted with such a system at a later date

Key options:

  • Plasma detection feature 
  • Integrated automation optional load/unload 
  • Choice of 4 or 6 kW laser sources 
  • Cadman-L offline software

Models available:

Axel 4020 S
Axel 4020 L
Axel 4020 L2 / L2.2
Axel 4020 L3
Axel 4020 LT

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