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PPEB precision press brakes are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and are offered in multi-axis configurations to suit a broad range of bending applications.

Press brakes up to 320 tons are designed and built utilizing a welded one-piece frame, machined without repositioning and stress relieved by vibration, guaranteeing machine precision.

All PPEB press brakes now feature the new and exclusive CADMAN® Touch CNC control. CADMAN® Touch is a new intuitive, intelligent and powerful PC based CNC control with allows users to shorten ‘Art to Part’ time and to ensure optimal bending results are achieved from the first part.

Complete with an on board Windows® operating system and LVD’s CADMAN-B 3D programming software. CADMAN® Touch utilises a totally new icon driven touch screen system to allow users to release the full potential of LVD’s bending technology.

CADMAN® Touch works with LVD’s ‘Intelligent database system with thousand of previous ‘real’ bending results being held in the machine. LVD’s interactive databases store all the ‘live’ data the users will need including, optimised flange lengths, bend allowances, angle corrections and spring-back.

LVD’s ‘Intelligent Bend Database’ learning feature ensures that the users ‘real’ results are stored in the machines and offline database further optimising the performance of the machine as it is used.

The combination of LVD’s new CADMAN® Touch and the high quality design of the press brake ensures high accuracy and consistency from the first to the last part.

These user-generated databases, created by actual bending results, are searched and applied each time a part program is generated. This automatic optimization of the part program eliminates trial bending, and reduces the time required to produce a quality part.

CADMAN-B 3D software is standard in the machine control and is available as an offline programming system. The databases developed and maintained in the PPEB press brake can be duplicated and downloaded to the offline system. Having actual bending technologies available prior to part creation eliminates unwanted errors in the actual blank generation prior to bending, and assures accurate part tolerances throughout the process. 

LVD’s PPEB is the fastest and most accurate way to produce parts on a press brake today.

Models available:

PPEB-5 - 5-axis - 80/15 - 80 ton by 1.5 metre (59") up to 640 ton by 8 metre (314.6")
PPEB-8 - 8-axis - 80/15 - 80 ton by 1.5 metre (59") up to 640 ton by 8 metre (314.6")

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